Tuesday, 10 November 2015

The Futuristic Hunt

10th December 2015 - 10th January 2016
Theme - The Future!
Applications Open: 29/09//2015
Applications Close: 30/11/2015 Creator Application Link Items can be inspired by anything from the future! Some examples can be found on this Pinterest board https://www.pinterest.com/evelynhartshon/the-futuristic-hunt-inspiration/

Sunday, 1 November 2015

The Photographers Hunt is over!

Thank you everyone for your hard work over the past month! I hope you enjoyed it :D The next hunt is The Futuristic Hunt in December!
See you then <3

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Hints & SLURLS

Click on the store name for the SLURL

!bang poses: Look towards the heavens

*~*HopScotch*~*: I'm a rocket woman, burning out her fuse up here alon

22769 ~ [bauwerk]Slap the orange Hint giver for actual hint

[Black Tulip]: Well, I think this is a little extreme for dancing naked inside that fountain, Sir...

[Tillie]Stairway to heaven

Bounce This Poses: Don't Be Modest

Duh!: I didn't even register that it was there.

Dreamscapes Art GalleryPlease click the Hint Giver Easel under the hunt sign

Grafica Poses: This needs your full attention!

Little Llama: Please have a cookie

oOo Studio: Play like the paparazzi at that big event and you're sure to find the dropped canister

ReposeIt's like looking for a needle in a haystack

RM Art of poses: No hint provided

Something New: Everyone enjoys a "Selfie" so why not as a "couple"

Spyralle: Above our heads they waved, opal and rose pink..

The Vintage Touch: You won't need a MAP to find me!. (Check all buildings!)

Uncertain Smile: Do you know that Pumpkins are awesome to use as a decoration for Halloween, but even better to eat?

Variposa: When a woman is scared, she needs strong arms to hold her.

{Rook} Poses: Checkmate

{xoxo} PosesYou know your heart is telling you to play just one gacha.

~SongBird~the monster is in the eye of the beholder

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

The Photographers Hunt

The Photographers Hunt

The Photographers Hunt
1st - 31st October 2015
Theme - Photography
Applications Open: 06/07/2015 Application on The Photographers Hunt page.
Applications Close: 31/08/2015
1. Make sure to read all notecards carefully.
2. You must be in the inworld group.
3. The hunt will be made up of invited stores & public applications.
4. All items *must* relate to photography in some way - poses, props, furniture, decor (cameras, tripods, photo frames etc), ORIGINAL artwork made by you - no images taken from Google (stores using images sourced from google or by other means - even if they're not copyrighted/ trademarked, will be removed)
5. Items will cost 5L
6. Unaccepted items: Apparel (clothing, footwear & jewellery)
7. All hunt items must be your own! BIAB, resellers and stores breaking copyright infringement laws will be declined immediately. Original artwork only
8. You must not rename the hunt items however you can resize them.
9. As with my previous hunt (Body Art Hunt), landmarks will not be in the hunt items, instead there will be slurls on the blog and a landmark notecard inworld.

If you have any questions or issues with any of the rules, please don't hesitate to contact me either via IM or email: hartshon.evelyn@googlemail.com